The Brady Bunch (1969-1974) was a half-hour drama on ABC about a childless couple who transform their house into a foster home for special-needs children.

In the pilot episode, architect Mike Brady (Robert Reed) and his wife Carol (Florence Henderson) adopt six children who have been rejected from foster care for their severe personal disorders:

  • Greg (Barry Williams) and Marcia (Maureen McCormick), siblings whose childhood abuse at the hands of their biological parents has left them with a disturbing attachment to one another.
  • Jan (Eve Plumb), a schizophrenic who hears voices urging her to commit acts of violence, and who believes that the family dog, Tiger, is her true father.
  • Peter (Christopher Knight), whose tragic hydrocephaly leaves him taunted by classmates as "that kid with the swelled head."
  • Cindy (Susan Olsen), a 22-year-old recovering heroin addict cursed with a rare disorder that halted her growth at approximately age 6.
  • Bobby (Mike Lookinland), who suffers from chronic and uncontrollable enuresis.

For five years, viewers were spellbound as Mike and Carol bravely struggled to raise their children in a loving, respectful environment. In the show's final season, the Bradys also adopted Oliver (Robbie Rist), a child cursed with being an incredible annoyance; he seethed with jealousy over his inability to match the Brady children's critically acclaimed singing ability. Millions tuned in to watch the dramatic series finale, in which Jan, goaded by Oliver, finally succeeded in burning down the house with everyone inside. ABC briefly aired a Saturday morning cartoon based on the family's future adventures entitled, The Brady Ghouls.

A 1990 revival series, The Bradys, attempted to recast the series as a comedy. It proved wildly unsuccessful.