President George W. Bush is a stock comic villain included in an increasing number of television shows as an inside joke among television writers. Inevitably, he will be featured in a courtroom where he'll coin the new catchphrase, "Who's got the beer?"

Despite his current standing as a villainous character, President George W. Bush first appeared as a contestant in the Comedy Central series That's My Bush. On the show, he narrowly defeated Al Gore, who has since disappeared from the nation's consciousness.

President George W. Bush has also appeared on Saturday Night Live, where, in a situation paralleling the "Two Major Nelsons" on I Dream of Jeannie, he has been portrayed by two actors, both named "Will" (though the first one was much better).

Bush has since gone on to appear in The War on Terror and The Iraq War, both of which were instant ratings smashes (though their popularity has waned in recent months...).

The decrease in viewership has been attributed to the lack of resolution of the Osama Bin Laden storyline in the first season. The show was also noted in some sectors to have jumped the shark after the initial attack on Iraq was over in 2003. Others point to the abrupt and improperly planned Saddam Hussein capture storyline, but this plotline gained a little popularity with the unusual humor injection into the story that surrounded his trial.

President Bush and his wife, former USO dancer Laura, have two children, twin daughters.