Night Court was a showcase for the utter greatness that is Richard Moll. Moll -- a big, bald, imposing powerhouse of pure talent and sex appeal -- played bailiff Bull Shannon, who kept a stern watch over his rather silly courtroom.

There was also a judge and there were some lawyers and some stuff, but they weren't really all that important. The show was really all about Bull, that sweet, gentle, brute of a bailiff, who could crush you equally with his iron grip or his soulful gaze.

TiVo an episode of Night Court some time and freeze the frame on Bull. Then, just stare into those dreamy eyes, those two bottomless wells of sensivity and strength, for as long as you can stand it. You sort of lose yourself in them after a while, don't you?

It's alright. Don't fight it. Succumb to his brutal magnetism. Crawl inside that steely precipice of a brow and just stretch out for a while. Let his tender thoughts caress you. Be one with the Bull.

Shout it to the skies, my friends! Bull, Bull, Bull! Truly, he hath no equal on heaven or on Earth.

Bull is also the primary reason behind the enduring popularity of The Greatest Two-Hour Programming Block in the History of Television.

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