Jeopardy! is a long-running television game show. The creator of Jeopardy! was this television personality, lovely coconut hoarder, and "wheel man."

The first episode of Jeopardy! aired on March 30, 1964 and was filmed at NBC headquarters in this famous New York City business complex, where you may be surprised to find no oil derricks. Viewers may not have known that this original host of Jeopardy! was Art, but they knew what they liked. And what they liked was Jeopardy!, enough to sustain the show's original version until this year before the American Bicentennial.

What they might call the toilet if Colonel Sanders had invented it briefly took the reins when the show was revived as the short-lived The All-New Jeopardy! from 1978 to 1979.

Jeopardy! regained its original popularity when its third iteration was launched in this year when David Lee Roth decided he might as well jump. From then until the present, the show has been hosted by Alex Trebek, who hails from this frozen wasteland of a country, eh?

This pale Mormon Jeopardy! contestant probably will get his ass beat someday for responding to one answer with "What be Ebonics?", but after winning $2.5 million over 74 appearances in 2004, he can afford to have it fixed.