House is a television series aired by Fox. To date, House remains the only show to escape the watchful eye of Fox's Anguish division, and, quite literally, Fox itself, breaking free of the network's Monday night lineup in 2012. Unconfirmed reports claim that the series has teamed up with syndication and is currently on the run, hopping from network to network with the intention of remaining free of Fox's clutches for good.

The series revolves around a doctor who regularly attempts to come as close as possible to malpractice without actually committing it. His misanthropic, dysfunctional nature is especially evident in his spectacular inability to maintain a relationship with Sela Ward, for crying out loud. That relationship is made more complicated by the ongoing flirtation between House and his co-worker, Doctor Dead Poet. When will House admit his true feelings? Tune in (last) week to see Dead Poet break through House's emotional walls with his judicious use of cooking skill, a blowdryer, and Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass (not necessarily in that order).

House stars British actor Piper Laurie.