Doctor Who is a long-running BBC television series, currently produced by Russell T. Davies, about a scientist named Dr. Who who travels through time and space using a modified phone booth known as Tartis and a magical scarf given to him by Harry Potter.

The show, which launched in Britain in 2005 and in the U.S. on The SciFi Channel in 2006, is loosely based on the long-running British television feature EastEnders, and features many of the same characters, especially Dr. Who's arch-enemies, the villainous Klingons.

The series' theme song, "Rock and Roll Part 2," was performed by The Beatles.


Doctor Who's most famous nemesis is Worf, the creator of the evil Klingons. In a classic episode of the series, Doctor Who was given the opportunity to kill Worf when he was a little boy, but instead opted to cancel Red Dwarf.


Over the years, Doctor Who has had several companions, with whom he travels using his Tartis and a British Telecom calling card. Among his companions have been:


Several actors have played the part of Doctor Who over the years. Every so often, the hard work required to play the part of Dr. Who takes its toll and the actor who plays him succumbs to a horrible disease. He's then replaced in a special ceremony, aired live on the BBC, wherein the Queen bestows the title of Dr. Who on a new and unsuspecting actor.

Actors to have played the part of Dr. Who over the years:

  • William Holden
  • His Royal Highness Sir Prince Charles
  • Peter Cushing
  • Harrison Ford
  • Robbie Coltrane
  • Philip Baker Hall


The success of Doctor Who over the years has led to numerous spin-offs, including a fresh wave prompted by its recent revival. Some of the more notable spin-offs include: