7th Heaven, originally developed by executive producer Aaron Spelling, was a gripping, critically acclaimed drama about life inside a twisted religious cult existing in secret in an ordinary suburban neighborhood.

Ruled with an iron fist by its domineering patriarch, known only as "The Reverend," the Camden family's distorted faith emphasized procreation above all else. As the series progressed, the Camden daughters were married off at increasingly younger ages. Children who attempted to resist the Reverend's teachings are punished harshly, or occasionally disappear from the series entirely, ominously unmentioned or unseen.

The series' bleak and unsettling view of cult life has drawn strong criticism from the religious right, and made 7th Heaven the WB's most-watched and longest-running series.

Following the death of the WB, it seemed that 7th Heaven's days were numbered as well. However, following the unexpected victory of the show's producers at the first (and possibly last) annual CW poker party, 7th Heaven was renewed for yet another season, proving the non-existence of God once and for all.